Emerging web business are created from bright and simple ideas. We are ready to implement these and give them a commercial value.

Our creative development team is focused on building Web and Mobile Applications to best communicate and enable business thereby unlocking the power of the Web.

We foster long term partnerships with our clients.

Contact us to improve your business exposure to the web:

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Mobile Application Development

If you have a corporate project, addictive game or really cool idea, we can bring your bright ideas to life by creating a web or mobile application to realise their commercial value.

Early Stage Investor

Being entrepreneurial and open minded, we also invest in growing start up businesses and new ventures - you bring the bright idea, we create and implement the virtual presence and together we realise the commercial value.

Retail Solutions

We specialise in retail solutions from innovative methods of capturing online users to marketing services aimed at growing your online business  - we have created a range of mobile solutions aimed at creating customer loyalty - sms services, USSD communication applications, customer reward services to innovative retail solutions.

Web Applications

We love to hear about your brilliant ideas, even crazy ideas, we are always thinking up new ways to for the world to interact with the web. If you think it we can build it!

We have created various projects, some for our customers and others just for fun ... but they are all founded with a sense of experimentation and exploration.


Darkness Falls

Karma City Web

Majors for Minors Sleep Wizzz

iPhone and Android Apps - Star Counter

iPhone and Android Apps - Catan Roller

Kalahari Ereader

Rogzstar Premium Pet Insurance


phone: +27 21 813 9170

email: info@moonlight42.com

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